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How important is a good skincare regimen?

(Source: IG Model)

Developing a solid skin regimen is key if you want healthy-looking, youthful skin. Find a good skin regimen is like “kissing a few frogs” until you find the right one. The truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all when it skin finding products that work well with your skin type. You simple have to find a skin care regimen that reacts specifically to needs and behavior of your skin. This stands true for both men and women.

Can we be real? If you have sensitive skin, and you try using commercial skin care lines often times your skin become even more irritated. I know because it happened to me before I started formulating Soleil Essential products. The reason for it is because store brand products contain harsh chemicals to ensure self-life of the product. Store brand products contain very little ingredients that actually help your skin problems.

**If you suffer unexplained breaks your skin would do much better with a natural product.**

Don’t forget, what you put in your body can also affect your skin. Make sure you are monitoring eating habits as well. Detoxing with green veggies and fruit will get things going on the inside! It’s never too late to have beautiful healthy skin!

Enjoy Summer,


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