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Fall Skin in Full Affect – How to switch up your seasonal routine

Like your hair care routine, you should also make adjustments to your skincare regimen to prevent dry, parched skin as the weather changes. Transitioning from a summer to fall skincare routine means making a few tweaks to ensure your skin is getting the moisture it needs and stays hydrated as the cold sets in.

Let’s look at 4 adjustments you should make to your fall skincare routine

Use skincare products that lock in moisture. Swap out your summer skincare products for products that offer uber hydration and seal in moisture.

Minimize hot showers. Hot showers are harsh and they can strip your skin of its protective oils, making already dry skin worse. Instead of taking a hot shower, opt to steam for a few minutes, and then reduce the temperature to shower. Use Mimosa Whipped Body Soap to moisturize while you cleanse.

Implement an after shower routine for your face and body. What you put on your body in the shower is just as important as what put on after. Restore all over moisture to your skin after showering, with one of our all-natural body butters. And, to keep your face fresh and glowy, apply Citrus Neossance Face Oil to your face before bed or under your make up.

Add some layers. During cooler months it’s not only a good idea to layer your clothing, but you should layer your skincare products too! If your skin gets extra dry when it’s cold, applying body oil under a heavier body cream is a great way to protect your skin. The base hydrates while thicker, creamier body butters seal in moisture. Try the Brown Sugar Kiss Body Oil and Brown Sugar Kiss Body Butter combo to protect and moisturize this fall!

Remember, skincare is not limited to your face, treat your body to good moisturizing products too!

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