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Transitioning from a summer to a fall hair care routine

As we transition into a new season, our hair care regimen should shift to a more moisture-rich routine. Cooler temps can be hard on Type 4 hair and altering your regimen to include moisture-rich natural hair care products that hydrate and protect will keep it from becoming dry and brittle.

Here are 4 changes you should make as you transition from a summer to fall hair care routine.

Deep condition more often

Regularly conditioning your curls is critical to fall hair care. Deep conditioning your hair 2-3 times per month will deliver the nutrients your hair needs and prevent it from becoming dry and brittle. Apply Hempseed & Hibiscus Conditioning Co-Wash, cover with a plastic cap, sit under the dryer 10-15 minutes and rinse as directed for a deeper conditioning experience.

Seal in moisture with natural oils

Add an extra layer of protection by sealing your ends with natural oils. To lock in extra moisture, seal your hair by applying Mint Olive Oil on top of your leave-in conditioner. It locks in the extra moisture you need and soothes itchy, dry scalps.

Use sulfate-free cleansers

Hopefully, you are already using sulfate-free shampoos, but if not you should make every effort to use switch, especially during cooler seasons. Sulfates strip the hair of its natural oils and cause extreme dryness to already moisture-challenged curly hair. All-natural cleansers like, Soleil Essentials' African Black Soap Cleansing Shampoo deep cleans and removes build-up without drying out your hair and scalp.

Co-wash more than you shampoo

Choose co-washing instead of shampooing so that you are constantly adding moisture to your hair. Co-washing maximizes hydration and adds the extra boost of moisture that your hair needs in the fall. Try Hempseed & Hibiscus Conditioning Co-Wash.

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