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Soleil Essentials' Fall Haircare Guide

Keeping your hair healthy, moisturized and growing is the name of the game when the weather starts to cool off. Using the right products is the key to achieving great hair in the fall - and we’ve got ‘em!

Here are four awesome Soleil Essentials haircare products that will protect your curly hair from the harsh temps, promote growth and keep your hair and scalp hydrated.

Healthy Hair Growth Butter

Did you know that your hair growth slows down in the winter? On average, your hair grows about 10% slower in the cooler months than it does during the summer. So as the weather starts to change, continue to get your growth on while nourishing your hair and scalp with our Healthy Hair Growth Butter. Blended with Shea Butter, Kokum Butter, and Meadow Foam Oil, Healthy Hair Growth Butter nourishes, protects and gives slow-growing or stunted hair a growth boost! It’s also great for use as a leave-in conditioner and for twist out or braid out styles.

Mint Olive Hair Oil

The crop is only as good as the soil, and this is also true when talking about healthy hair. If your scalp isn’t healthy, chances are your hair won’t be healthy either. Your scalp care is an important part of your haircare journey too, so water your soil regularly by applying Mint Olive Hair Oil to soothe hair follicles, stimulate circulation, nourish and moisturize your scalp.

Hempseed & Hibiscus Conditioning Co-Wash

Because 4C hair is already on the dry side, during the fall and winter seasons, co-washing is ideal for retaining moisture, and it’s better for your curly hair than shampooing when cleansing your curls on wash days. Gently cleanse and condition curly hair and scalp, define curls, moisturize, retain more of your hair’s natural oils and increase volume with Hempseed & Hibiscus Conditioning Co-Wash.

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