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Naturally Better - Why natural beauty products are better

natural beauty products

Over the last several years, the beauty and personal care markets have exploded with natural skincare and natural hair care products. Happy consumers are raving about their success with botanical beauty products, further proving that natural products rein over mainstream products.

Benefits of using all-natural products

The shift to take better care of our environment and ourselves has been the driving force behind “cleaner living”. Because consumers are now more conscious of products that contain harmful chemicals and/or animal by-products, they are choosing differently and embracing all-natural, plant-based products, such as

The benefits of using natural hair care and skincare products over mainstream products are numerous. Many traditional products on the market contain ingredients derived from animal by-products, which can cause an array of health problems including allergic reactions and inflammation.

Why the shift?

We are now more informed than ever and technology has made it possible for us to become better educated about what we are putting into our bodies, onto our skin, and into our hair.

Women of color have especially benefited from using all-natural products because of the negative effects mainstream products have on our bodies and our overall health. Studies have shown that many of the chemicals found in traditional beauty products have been linked to several health issues African American women face such as fibroids, cancer (particularly breast cancer), obesity, endocrine issues, and infertility.

The shift to natural products is not just one to help attain healthy hair and skin, but to maintain a healthy body too!

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