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Get Your Grow On- How To Achieve Healthy Hair Growth

Contrary to popular belief, kinky, curly hair is not stronger than other hair types. In fact, Type 4 hair is the most fragile type of hair that exists. Curly hair, most common among African Americans, is extremely delicate and it often needs lots of love, maintenance and moisture so it’s no wonder that with hair this fragile, you need to always be mindful of ways to keep it growing strong and healthy.

Read on to find out how you can keep your hair growing and flowing!

Get it trimmed regularly. If you heat style your hair and it becomes damaged the only real solution to “fixing” split ends caused by heat damage is getting regular trims. So to encourage new growth make sure you’re trimming those ends!

Use all-natural hair care products. Using hair care products that are free of harsh chemicals and preservatives help to grow and nourish your hair. Natural products like Soleil Essentials’ Healthy Hair Growth Butter boosts stunted hair growth, restores damaged hair, increases manageability and grows and strengthens your natural hair.

Take care of your scalp. If you’ve done all you can to make your hair grow and you’re still

wondering why it isn’t growing, maybe it's your scalp! Your scalp is your hair’s soil and if it is unhealthy, then your hair, which originates there, will be unhealthy too. To rejuvenate hair growth, improve circulation, hydrate and invigorate your scalp try our Mint Olive Hair Oil.

Keep hair your moisturized - always. If you do nothing else, always keep your curly hair moisturized! When it comes to moisturizing Type 4 hair, more is more. All your hair growing efforts will be lost if you are not regularly moisturizing your tresses. When your hair becomes dry and brittle, it is more susceptible to breakage, so to keep your hair hydrated, soft, manageable, and moisturized when styling, apply Soleil Essentials Twist & Coil Healthy Hair Butter.

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