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Do I really need to use a toner on my face?

A toner is a fast, absorbing and penetrating liquid that delivers a punch of hydration and helps to remove excess dirt, oil, and makeup. It’s very instrumental in correcting your skin’s pH balance, and it helps control acne breakouts. Following your facial cleanser, but before moisturizing apply a toner to help thoroughly cleanse the skin and remove dead skin cells that have built up on the skin’s surface. Because it cleans and closes pores, it's super beneficial for those with acne-prone skin.

Here are some additional benefits of using a face toner.

Toners shrink the appearance of large pores. Applying toner removes oil and delivers the appearance of smaller pores. Smaller pores mean smoother, silkier-looking skin.

Toners restore your skin's pH balance. As mentioned, toners help to balance our skin’s pH levels. Our skin is naturally acidic, and on a scale of 0 to 14, our skin generally falls somewhere between five and six, but over time, those levels can be thrown off due to cleansing. When your pH balance is off, the skin works hard to restore normal pH levels, which can sometimes result in an overproduction of oil. Toner's skin balancing effect works fast to restore pH levels and refresh imbalanced oily skin.

Toners protect your skin. Because toners close the pores and tighten cell gaps after cleansing, it prevents impurities and environmental pollutants from penetrating the skin, thus protecting your complexion.

Toners mimic moisturizers. Some toners possess humectant properties, which means they help to draw in and bind moisture in the air to the skin, thus keeping your skin supple and hydrated.

Toners refresh and revitalize your skin. When you’re on the go and cleansing is not an option, toner travels well, and is a great substitute for clearing your skin of dirt and oil.

Try Soleil Essentials face toners to rejuvenate, balance and tighten your skin.

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