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8 Tips on How to Empower Women

Women go through many adversities as a whole and individually. They are often challenged within their homes, careers, and social life. Despite social injustice and other hardships women face, women will always persevere through love, strength, and courage shared amongst other women. Empowered women, empower women.

Empowerment is the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one's life and claiming one's rights. Here’s how you can empower the women in your life:

1. Boost Her Self-Esteem – Encouraging and complimenting the women in your life can change the way they view and feel about themselves. Give her the compliment she deserves and let her know how important it is to accept that compliment with confidence.

2. Offer Support – Check on your strong friends. It may appear that they have everything in order, but something may be wrong. “Strong” women often struggle with mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety.

3. Advocate for Women – Social injustice against women happens every day. Whether you’re a man or woman with privilege, advocating for a woman can change not only her life but the lives of other women.

4. Support Women Owned Businesses – Women owned businesses are the least to be funded and supported. Support women owned businesses by purchasing their product/service, investing in their business to get it started or donating to help fund their business or cause.

5. Assist New and Single Mothers – Spend the day with your friends who are moms or offer to take the kids for a couple of hours. Allow the mom to have alone time and regroup.

6. Donate to Women Shelters – According to the National Women’s Law Center, women are 38% more likely to live in poverty than men. Donating to women shelters help provide resources that aide to women in poverty.

· 21.4% of Black women lived in poverty

· 22.9% of Native women lived in poverty

· 18.7% of Latinx women lived in poverty

· 10.7% of Asian women lived in poverty

7. Allow Women to Take Time for Themselves – I’m sure you can think of a woman right now who need to take time to relax. Find a way to help her make time for herself.

8. Simply, Thank Women – Women are often undervalued and unappreciated. Simply, say Thank You!

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