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Benefits of Wearing Natural Deodorant

What is the first words that come to mind when you apply deodorant? Body odor and sweat!

While, these are two major concerns when purchasing deodorant, it is important to be aware of the ingredients that is in your deodorant and how it affects your body.

Whether you are participating in daily activities or physical exercise, putting on deodorant is a part of your morning routine. The thought of leaving the house without applying deodorant and smelling fresh will haunt you throughout the day. Some of you may even have a spare deodorant somewhere in your bag or car.

Today, we will discuss the benefits of wearing natural deodorant.

  1. It allows you to sweat - A lot of common deodorant brands we see in the store advertise the word antiperspirants. We get excited when we see this word because it means that it will prevent us from sweating. You don't want to get caught at work or socializing with sweaty armpit stains, right? Antiperspirants contains ingredients that prevent you from sweating which can result into having clogged pores. It is important for the body to sweat, sweating allows the body to breathe and get rid of toxins. Natural deodorant contains ingredients that allow your body to release toxins and help prevent body odor.

  2. Helps neutralize body odor – What causes body odor? Bacteria! Natural deodorant contains ingredients such as activated charcoal and various essential oils that fight against and neutralizes the odor produced by bacteria. Unlike other deodorants, natural deodorant helps eliminate the cause of body odor instead of covering it up.

  3. Good for sensitive skin – There can be harsh chemicals and ingredients found in some deodorants such as the metal aluminum. Just imagine how harmful and irritating that can be for someone with sensitive skin. Most deodorants contain natural products such as shea butter, coconut oil, aloe vera, vitamin E oil and more that moisturize and heal the skin.

While natural deodorant isn't meant to stop you from sweating, it is a great alternative to preventing and controlling body odor. Natural deodorant provides healing ingredients that soothes the skin and eliminates bacteria.

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