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Black Women Deserve a Luxurious Lifestyle, Too!

Have you ever felt like you didn’t deserve the finer things in life, to be wined and dined or obtaining luxurious items seemed far fetch? Do you ever feel like you're being criticized for wanting or having certain things others may not have? Black women have been scrutinized on social media for having and doing luxurious things. People often wonder, including those of our own race, how did she get that? Or how can she afford that? Here are some reasons why and ways you should treat yourself to a luxurious lifestyle in 2022!

  1. Spa Day - Some people may think that their at home self-care routine is enough. Take self-care to another level by adding a spa day to your weekly or monthly routine, you deserve it, right? Spas are the perfect place to relax and unload. Being pampered and rewarding yourself with a facial or massage, allows you to feel good and perform better in your daily life.

Here are a few Black Owned Spas in Charlotte, NC:

2. Wine and Dine Yourself - Is there a new upscale restaurant you've been wanting to try? Don't wait until there's a special occasion to book that reservation. Simply go, because you can. There have been times where my friends and I would randomly go out to eat at a nice restaurant for no particular reason. Other people would approach us asking, "what's the special occasion?" We looked at each other and laugh, we're just here to enjoy a good meal.

3. Book A Trip - Take as many trips as you can, whenever you can! Society has programmed us to think that taking a vacation is only for a certain time of the year or are only for celebrations. Nowadays, we are seeing more and more black people taking solo and group trips all-year round and showing up in places where we are not represented.

4. Purchase that Luxurious Item - When you see a new designer bag or luxury item, the majority of the time the person advertising that product doesn't look like you. For some, it makes them feel like they don't deserve to have that item or they shouldn't purchase it because it's not for someone like "you." I am here to say, purchase it sis, because black women deserve luxury items too!

When you're adding luxury to your lifestyle, make sure that it fits in your budget. It is perfectly okay to add a scheduled spa day to your routine or purchase the latest designer bag as long as you're making smart financial decisions!

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