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Black Women Who've Impacted the Beauty Industry

Throughout the years we have all heard and learned about Madame C.J. Walker and Anne T. Malone, two womenpreneurs who paved the way and made a fortune in the beauty and hair industry. We also can't forget about supermodels Grace Jones, Iman, Beverly Johnson, and Naomi Campbell. These women allowed Black women to see and believe that anything is possible as they posed on the cover of well-known magazines and walked on every catwalk that wasn't intended for Black women. However, in recent years there have been other Black Queens who have stirred up and changed the beauty industry.

1. Pat McGarth

Makeup artist Pat McGarth, made history in 2017, as the first Black woman to receive a Founder's Awards from the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) for her artistry and creativity in the makeup industry. Since then, she has developed four luxury brands that influence makeup artist today!

2. Jackie Aina

When it comes to Youtube and the beauty industry, Jackie Aina is a well-known Black beauty influencer. She used the platform to educate other Black women on how to apply their makeup and addressed issues such as inclusion and equality within the beauty industry. Advocating for Black beauty in the beauty industry landed Aina an NAACP Image Award.

3. Rihanna

Robyn Rihanna Fenty is known for being a music and fashion icon but decided to take a seat at the table in 2017, as she launched Fenty Beauty. This beauty company was the first to offer a range of foundation shades that allowed women across the world to feel seen and noticed. This movement pushed other makeup companies to follow in their footsteps.

4. Maria Borges

Anytime someone mentions supermodel, you automatically think of Eurocentric idea of "beauty." Maria Borges was the first to rock her natural hair in a Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. We often find ourselves changing our appearance to confirm to society norms, this happens a lot in the beauty industry and in our everyday lives.

5. Lisa Price

Lisa Price started mixing and making her own hair butters and oils for kinky, curly, and coily hair. This hobby turned into a career as she launched Carol's Daughter, a brand that was the first African American-owned with its own flagship stores.

Black is beautiful and will always be. Continue to support one another and take up space in areas you feel like you don't belong, trust me there's a seat at the table waiting for you!

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