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Falling Into a New Hair Care Routine

It’s fall, and not only is it time to change your skincare routine, but it also the season to change your hair care regimen too! Like your skin, your hair needs more TLC during the cooler months due to protect from frigid temps and lower humidity, so updating your product choices and hair care process is a must to maintain healthy, hydrated hair.

Read below for tips on maintaining well-hydrated naturally curly hair during the fall months.

Use natural sulfate-free shampoos

Using shampoos that contain sulfates can decrease your hair's moisture levels and cause already dry Type 4 hair to break, shed and become brittle. Apply sulfate-free African Black Soap Cleansing Shampoo this fall to moisturize, hydrate and soothe dry, itchy scalp.

Choose co-washing over shampooing

Co-washing your hair versus shampooing to increase your hair’s moisture level is key to maintaining hydrated, healthy hair as cooler weather sets in. Co-washing adds that critical moisture boost to protect your strands and fight off the damaging affects of cold weather. Try our sulfate-free Hempseed & Hibiscus Conditioning Co-Wash.

Use moisture boosting styling products

Nothing dries out naturally curly hair faster than cold air, so when selecting styling products, always choose products that deliver ultra moisture. To achieve the perfect twist out or braid out style, and strengthen, grow and moisturize your tresses, try Soleil Essentials’ Twist & Coil Healthy Hair Butter.

Focus on your scalp health

Your scalp is your hair’s soil, and keeping the soil healthy by ensuring that it is properly lubricated and moisturized aids in hair growth and hair health. Apply Mint Olive Hair Oil to stimulate and moisturize scalp to promote stronger, healthier, hair growth.

Happy fall!

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