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Here's What You Should Know About Oily Skin and Combination Skin Types

What Is Oily Skin?

If you've every noticed your skin looking shiny or greasy, your skin type is most likely oily. Oily skin occurs when there is an excessive amount of of oil being produced. This can be caused by the products you're using that aren't effective or right for your skin type it can also be hereditary.

Whether it's in your genes or not, it is important to treat oily skin immediately, as it can cause other skin issues in the future. When oily skin goes untreated, it will cause breakouts. The overproduction of oil builds up and traps bacteria and dead skin cells resulting in clogged and enlarged pores, blackheads, pimples, acne and more.

What Is Combination Skin?

Are you experiencing normal or dry skin in one area and oily in others? This is common and is known as Combination Skin Type. This can be very frustrating for those who don't know how to treat or what to use for both normal/dry and oily skin. When combination skin occurs, it is more likely that an individual is oily in it's T-Zone. The T-Zone consist of areas across the forehead and down the middle of the face including the middle of your forehead, down to your nose and sometimes the chin (it literally makes the letter T). While, the other parts of the face appear to be normal or dry. In those areas an individual will experience less breakouts as opposed to the T-Zone.

How To Deal With Oily and Combination Skin?

It is important for those of any skin type to create and maintain a consist skincare routine. Being consisting will help improve the skin and prevent skin from breaking out and becoming damaged.

  1. Wash Regularly - for individuals with oily skin, you may have to wash more frequently than those who have normal or dry skin. This will help prevent oil from building up and clogging pores.

  2. Use a Toner - use a natural toner that will soothe the skin instead of an alcohol based toner that will dry out the skin.

  3. Face Mask - using a face mask after a toner will penetrate the skin deeper, helping it to cleanse the skin and reduce oil production. Clay mask are ideal for the oily skin type as the minerals absorb oils and reduce the greasiness while providing nutrients to the skin.

  4. Apply moisturizers - just because your skin looks and feels moisturized, it is important to continue to use and apply an oil-free moisturizer.

  5. Use Sunscreen - Yes, use sunscreen! It doesn't matter where you are or the time of the year, you always want to protect your skin.

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