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Self-Care Practices for Black Women in 2022

Toward the end of the year, people reflect on the good and the bad. This often results in one thinking of what could've been done differently or what one will change in the future. In 2022, black women must put themselves first and here are a few tips and self-care rituals to start practicing!

1. Meditate - Nothing is more powerful than the mind. Adding meditation to your routine will give you the ability to stop and reflect on what it is you really need at the moment. If you are the one that is always on go, with a million things going through your mind, meditating allows you to rest and be still. Stillness brings attention and awareness to parts of your body that needs some TLC.

2. Journaling - You may have a difficult time communicating verbally or you don't have the courage to say all the things you want to say to a person. Journaling is the perfect outlet to get your feelings and thoughts out. Practicing this will allow you to release and reflect on situations that may be holding you back from growing into the person you desire to be.

  • Write a letter to yourself

  • Write a letter to a loved one you lost

  • Write a letter to a person and give it to them when you're ready

  • Write a letter and burn it

3. Exercise - I know you're tired of hearing this but when you look good.... YOU FEEL GOOD! Find time in your day to be active. This could include:

  • Walking - 30-45 minutes everyday

  • Jogging - pick up the pace by setting goals

  • At-home workout video on YouTube

  • Stretch it out in virtual yoga class

4. Make Room for Happiness - Make a list of the things that make you happy and try to incorporate it into your daily routine. It could be as simple as:

  • Burning a candle

  • Applying a face mask

  • Taking a bubble bath

  • Grounding yourself in nature

  • Reading a book

  • Putting on your favorite lipstick or lipgloss

  • Starting a new business

5. Try Something New - Being exposed to new things bring out new possibilities and experiences. This something new may be an activity you've always wanted to try or keep holding off on because you don't want to do it alone. In 2022, stop waiting and GO FOR IT.

  • Create a bucket list

  • Start with what you think will be easiest for you to accomplish and build up to the more challenging activities

  • Time is precious, don't wait for someone to do it with you!

6. Don't Take It Personal - But 2022 is personal! Set a day out of the week where you dedicate it to you and ONLY you. On that day, make time to:

  • Rest

  • Meditate

  • Read

  • Journal

  • Try a new activity

  • Turn off your phone

  • Log off social media

  • Try something new

  • Explore nature

7. Practice Healthy Habits - Practicing healthy habits is a good way for them to become a part of your everyday life. Make sure you're:

  • Getting enough rest

  • Eating healthy

  • Exercising

  • Taking supplements/vitamins

  • Showing gratitude

  • Practicing healthy communication skills

8. Say NO! - The world is not yours to save. It's okay to say no!

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