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Tips on How to Keep Up With Your New Years Resolutions

The New Year is a popular time of the year where people reevaluate their old habits and try to replace them with new ones, we refer to these new habits as 'New Year Resolutions.' Have you thought about your goals for 2022? Have you set in place how you will reach these goals? Here are a few tips on how to keep up with your New Years Resolutions!

Identify Your Goals: By writing down clear, measurable goals, this will allow you to see the bigger picture. Measurable goals are easy to track and keep up with. For example, a measurable goal could be, "I want to eat out only twice a week" or "I want to go to the gym four times a week." Goals like this is easier to maintain and plan out.

Limit the Amount of Goals: Limiting the amount of goals you list will make you feel less overwhelmed . It's kind of like when you make a to-do list. You see a lot of things on a piece of paper and start to panic when you barely have anything marked off. Start this year with 2-3 goals and once those are completed, add new ones.

Plan - Plan out how you will reach and complete your goals in small steps. This includes the steps you will take to completing your goal and any obstacles you may face along the way. Planning helps you explore different options on how you can achieve that one goal.

Get Support - Goals aren't meant to be shared with just anyone. It is important to find a group of individuals who you trust. These individuals want the best for you and will support you by keeping you focused, pushing and motivating you to keep going, showing up, and encouraging YOU!

Keep Working on Your Goals: KEEP GOING! No matter how hard it gets, the feeling of achieving a goal and overcoming the challenges it brings will be worth it!

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