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Get a healthy glow down below with the Sweet Spot Rejuvenating Yoni Serum. This daily intimate yoni serum provides essential moisture for your moist intimate area. 


Are you dealing with a "dry" sensitive Sweet Spot?  Our  Sweet Spot Rejuvenating Yoni Serum is a lightweight serum made with essential oils that have bacteria-fighting properties and nourish the delicate skin around your "sweet spot".  Ideal for any woman that may experience ingrown hairs, razor burn, and minor itchiness or irritation.


• Vaginal Dryness 
• Friction, chafing, and itchiness
• Ingrown hairs, razor bumps and blemishes


    • Effective for hormonal skin changes that can happen from periods through menopause.
    • Relieves: Dryness, Ingrown hairs, Razor bumps + Blemishes
    • Relieves dryness from menopause, endocrine imbalance and birth control
    • PH-friendly
    • Can be uses as an external lubrication during foreplay

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